KNOCK KNOCK - Rosa Clara

With "Knock, knock" Rosa Clará ventures into the fashion film genre for the first time to present the new 2023 collection of Rosa Clará Couture. A funny story about an indecisive bride who is looking for her wedding dress among the offers in the new collection.

The main character of "Knock, Knock" is a young, fun-loving bride who, on the morning of her wedding, cannot decide between a romantic princess dress made of organza and a more provocative model with a silhouette in the style of a coat and cutouts, as dictated by current fashion . Time is running out, and the driver who wants to take her to the altar keeps knocking on the door: Knock, knock!

One bride, endless possibilities. The various sequences show the bride in a youthfully elegant and simple wedding dress made of pleated silk muslin, another strapless midi tulle dress, a strict and sophisticated crepe dress with a square neckline and even a spectacular short lace jumpsuit with microbeads, perfect for... ice skating! A film that makes you smile as she tries out her clothes in different scenarios such as: B. when confidently throwing the bridal bouquet, dancing, preparing a cocktail or even during a fencing duel... Knock, knock! There's a knock on the door again. Will she make it to the wedding? Discover the fashion film!

Source: Rosa Clara