PERFECT MATCH – Interview with Claudia Klimm about the personal bridal look


Bride in an elegant wedding dress from Pronovias with a bow and slit

Photo: Atelier Pronovias (via Claudia Klimm)

She is the queen of high-quality bridal fashion: Claudia Klimm from Brautmode Claudia Klimm. In Issue No. 2 of WHITE WEDDING - The Magazine, she gave our fashion series with haute couture designers a crown. But not only that - she also made our eyes sparkle with her clothes at the Urban Glamor Inspiration. In her bridal boutique in Düsseldorf harbor she spreads pure magic.

This magic can be found in your bridal look when your dress matches your personality 100% - a perfect match. We talked to Claudia Klimm in an interview about how you manage to reflect your personality in your bridal style.

About Claudia Klimm

Claudia Klimm has been working in the bridal fashion and accessories sector for around 16 years now. Back then she started with 65 square meters in Munich, shortly afterwards added another store and just two years later she moved to almost 400 square meters with the name “Flamenco Munich”. The business still exists today. At the end of 2017, Claudia went back to Düsseldorf to discover that she couldn't live without brides. Her bridal fashion shop is now located in Düsseldorf's media harbor. Claudia loves looking at happy faces so often. She doesn't want to do without this anymore and we noticed: her passion is contagious.
Claudia Klimm

The timing for buying a wedding dress

Sabine: Hello dear Claudia, how nice that you took the time today to talk to me about the wonderful topic of “choosing a wedding dress”. I was able to experience it myself and still remember what a great moment it was when I wore “my” dress for the first time. This moment is so unique that we want to give our brides tips and information to ensure that everything goes the way they want it to.

Dear Claudia, when is the best time to start choosing a dress?

Claudia: It varies a lot because it depends on whether the dress still needs to be ordered or not. If the dress has to be ordered, then you should plan around six months. This period is needed to adapt the dress to the bride, because experience shows that there is no dress that fits straight away. The adjustment of the dress includes not only the production at the designer/manufacturer's house but also the changes here on site. I even have brides choosing their dress for their winter wedding in November 2023.

The visit to the bridal fashion store

Sabine: Choosing your wedding dress is a very emotional and exciting moment. How can brides prepare for their first appointment with you?

Claudia: Definitely bring a good mood. Normally no preparation is required. Many brides have already researched online and found dresses that they find beautiful. You are welcome to bring these pictures with you so that we can look at them together. Of course, I then advise my brides whether these dresses suit them or not. I also like to take out the previously selected dresses, because wearing a dress yourself is completely different than just seeing it in a picture.

Eva Lendel wedding dresses Photos: Eva Lendel (via Claudia Klimm)

Sabine: Who should the bride bring with her to really make sure that choosing her own wedding dress is a special event?

Claudia: I recommend a small circle here. It should be the 2 to 3 people the bride knows very well and trusts. I think it's important that these are the people who say whether a dress looks good or bad. In addition, it should be the people who have an eye for the bride and not look for and recommend her “own” dress. With a larger group it can happen that there is too much commotion, which leads to confusion.

My recommendation for this special day is that it should be an event. If you want, you can of course get a glass of cava to celebrate the day. To round off the day perfectly, many brides go out for dinner with their loved ones afterwards, reflect on the day together and rave about the bride in her dream dress.

Your personal wedding dress style

Sabine: Wow, that's so beautiful, I want to get married again so I can enjoy this moment again. You have so many beautiful wedding dresses in your store, how do you know which style will look best on your bride?

Claudia: There are different factors that I take into account. First of all, it is important to know where and how the celebration is taking place, because a castle wedding is different than, for example, a beach wedding. Not only should the dress match the location, but this information also tells me a lot about the bride herself.

In addition, I look at the bride and can pick out dresses in a style based on the bride's figure. However, the selection of appropriate dresses is mainly based on my feeling. I can't explain it any other way. Of course, you also have to be a little stylish. You probably know this from your job too. I also know every single dress that hangs here because I choose each one myself.

The bride usually recognizes for herself whether the style suits her or not and quickly notices whether she feels comfortable. Because that is the most important thing. This way we can delve deeper into the consultation.

Wedding dresses from Rosa Clará, Rosa Clará Couture & Rosa Clará Soft Photos: Rosa Clará , Rosa Clará Couture & Rosa Clará Soft (via Claudia Klimm)

Sabine: I'm thrilled, especially that you choose and know each of your dresses yourself. Many brides wonder how they can make their style personal on their big day. Do you have an insider tip for our brides?

Claudia: My tip at this point is to integrate personal items into the wedding. These can be smaller things, like your deceased grandmother's necklace or earrings - just something that is important to you. I had e.g. B. a bride who wore her late mother's wedding shoes so that she too could be there on this special day. These are very special and personal moments that I will never forget.

Sabine: I can well imagine that. The style results in a truly tailored and unforgettable look. Do you also have a tip for us about which accessories a wedding dress can use to express even more personality?

Claudia: That can be very different, because that also depends on the bride and the wedding dress. In the store I have different accessories such as veils, tiaras, hair clips etc. It is very important that accessories match the dress. Your dress e.g. B. had a back cutout, which means that a veil would have hidden exactly this highlight and therefore a veil would not fit. In general, a veil can underline the entire look; But it can also be flowers in the hair or other hair accessories.

Tip from the editors

Are you a maid of honor, mother, sister or friend of the bride? Of course you help the bride-to-be with her wedding dress search, but as a wedding guest are you also looking for the perfect outfit? Personal stylist Sabine Walter will advise you and show you how to find it:

Wedding outfits for guests

Popular wedding dress designers and what they stand for

Sabine: Yes, that's true. A veil would not have suited me and my dress. As a bride, it's so helpful that you have this exact eye for it.

Some of your brides research in advance which dress could be a potential one for them. Which designers are often chosen, which ones do you have in your store and what do they stand for?

Claudia: I have the Rosa Clará brand with the Rosa Clará Couture and Rosa Clará Soft lines. Rosa Clará is one of the best international bridal fashion designers and, for me, always stands for pure romance, although the brand has also discovered minimalism for 2023.

And of course the Jesus Peiro brand, which has been on the market for over 30 years. Jesus Peiro stands for great tailoring and great materials for today's modern bride. Jesus Peiro has always embraced minimalism.

Jesus Peiro wedding dresses Photos: Jesus Peiro Textures (via Claudia Klimm)

Pronovias is certainly the best-known label with its luxury brand Atelier Pronovias . At Atelier Pronovias, nothing is spared, whether in terms of material or design. The theme for 2023 is Versailles. Anyone who knows the castle knows that speaks for itself.

We also stock AIRE Barcelona , ​​Luna Novias , Novia D'Art , Eva Lendel , Modeca and Gemy Maalouf . The latter designer only works in the field of haute couture.

The brewing fashion trends 2023

Jesus Peiro Ninfas

Jesus Peiro Ninfas

Photos: Jesus Peiro Ninfas (via Claudia Klimm)

Sabine: I find it very interesting what the respective designers embody and represent to the outside world with their clothes. What do you think are the top 3 trends for the 2023 season?

Claudia: I think that in 2023 there will be a lot of weddings in dresses that are simple and clean, i.e. have no lace, tulle or appliqués. Celebrity weddings are constantly influencing and have been pioneers here. Even if the clothes are simple, e.g. B. Cut-outs or bows are a big trend.

But there will always be the romantic bride. And that's wonderful, because every bride should get married in exactly the dress that suits her and in which she feels beautiful and happy.

For the civil wedding, jumpsuits will certainly be in the foreground.

Jumpsuit from Pronovias
Photo: Pronovias (via Claudia Klimm)

The insider tips for all brides to be

Sabine: The dresses - even though they are clean - are absolutely spectacular because the bride herself is in the foreground. You can also find examples here in the blog post.

I was able to buy my dream dress from you myself and was so impressed by your expertise, your eye for detail and the wonderfully warm manner and atmosphere in your shop. What is your secret recipe that makes you so successful and special?

Claudia: I don't have a secret recipe. I just am who I am. During an interview in Munich I once said: You shouldn't sell wedding dresses from your head, but from your heart. I love my brides and I want to create a unique day for them. Not only does the dress have to fit, but the rooms also have to be right so that the bride feels completely comfortable. I don't know, but maybe that's the secret - that I'm in it with all my heart.

Sabine: Do you have any special tips for our brides?

Claudia: Go into the consultation with an open mind. What can happen except that you like a dress or not. I also often experience that my brides say: I would never have chosen this dress and I think it looks great on me.”

Sabine: Dear Claudia, thank you very much for these wonderful insights. I wish all brides a great time choosing their dream dresses. Make this event your personal moment!

Bridal fashion Claudia Klimm

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