Since 1988 Jesus Peiro brand in Barcelona

Following a philosophy based on the demand for quality, all wedding dresses are designed and manufactured in Spain.

You want something unique - no problem! For an additional charge you can put together your dress and make your own dream come true.
The only important thing is that you stay within the collections.

JESUS ​​PEIRO wedding dresses designed by Merche Segarra are designed for a woman who demands high product quality, appreciates elegance, pays attention to new trends and wants to wear a dress with identity. Every Jesus Peiro wedding dress is a tribute to today's bride. Due to the high quality standards, the collections are close to haute couture.

Jesus Peiro uses eco-sustainable fabrics, some made from reclaimed or recycled yarns, which have undergone innovative processes in the sector such as traceability.

Are you looking forward to Jesus Peiro's clothes? We look forward to seeing you and your companions.

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